Wörterbuch der deutschen Winzersprache (WDW)

The project Wörterbuch der deutschen Winzersprache (WDW), subsidized by the PfeilAkademie der Wissenschaften und Literatur zu Mainz and the PfeilBezirksverband Rheinland-Pfalz, intends the complete documentation of the technical language of the winegrowers in Europe. It analyses, in a more intensive manner, the same material on which the Wortatlas der kontinentalgermanischen Winzerterminologie (WKW) bases: approximately 520 tapes and the corresponding phonetic transcriptions made on the spot by different persons. For this, two programs are developed: the first allows to secure the original sound data from a tape on CD-ROM by using MPEG audio coding; the second, a relational data base based on SQL (Structured Query Language), makes possible to save and modify the extensive material in view of the projected dictionary: a print version accompanied by DVD.